Individual levels

Hello everyone. Why aren't there any individual level categories? I.e. races or vehicle challenges? I'd like to submit some runs into such categories.

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Washington, USA

I was curious of this as well since there's things like hotring in VC. Would like to at least have those and whatnot. :D

Maryland, USA

I don't know jack about SA side stuff but I made a category so that the ones bubble added show up at all.


I guess the race tournaments can be added as well :D PeteZaroll


If anyone is interested, I am making a bunch of videos comparing routes for missions: ... I'ts not much yet, but I'm working on more.

Friesland, Netherlands

I dont think that goes here

South Georgia

Since you guys like memes, I added 5 more ILs.

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New Jersey, USA

Can the street/flying/8-track/Dirt track races be added as well ?


Really nice seeing lots of new levels! Also some of the challenges in schools based on time could be added too!

Burn and Lap City Slicking Basic Seamanship Plot a Course Fresh Slalom Land, Sea and Air Destroy Targets


Nice, i'd like to see what times are possible for some races :D .

South Georgia

The thing with schools is, that there would be 2 goals. "Gold medal" and "any medal". And before all of them will get added the current ILs should be filled.


Really nice seeing some people submitting their runs for races and other challenges! Though some of the world records holders aren't registered here. And it doesn't look like they are going to register on this site. Is it possible for us to submit runs for other people or only mods can do that?

Also... 3 Las Venturas Airport Checkpoint races are still missing. Not sure if you they weren't added intentionally or because of something else...

World War Ace Military Service Whirly Bird Waypoint

New Jersey, USA

im pretty sure only mods can submit other peoples runs

Hampshire, England

Not sure why those 3 races weren't added so I just added them. It's been fun verifying all these silly ILs with some funny strats.

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A little suggestion... Can the Chilliad Challenges be grouped all together in the races table (with the same prefix, I mean, maybe "Chilliad Challenge: Race Name")? Just like Beat The Cock ones. It would be more simple to see them all together in one place.

Since most of the ILs have at least 1-2 entries, can we get now all remaining tests from schools (all Boating and Flying school tests + Burn and Lap)?


Not trying to be annoying (because of double post) but these ones are still missing:

Boat School: Basic Seamanship Boat School: Plot a Course Boat School: Fresh Slalom Boat School: Land, Sea and Air

Driving School: Burn and Lap

Pilot School: Takeoff Pilot School: Land Plane Pilot School: Circle Airstrip Pilot School: Circle Airstrip and Land Pilot School: Helicopter Takeoff Pilot School: Land Helicopter Pilot School: Destroy Targets Pilot School: Loop-the-Loop Pilot School: Barrel Roll Pilot School: Parachute Onto Target

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Hampshire, England

Holy shit the double post after 2 months, you impatient monster!

Yeah sure I'll add those hang on a sec

EDIT: Wait aren't most of these just like 5 second long things? Is it really worth it?

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Well, the shortest one is about 7-9 seconds long, but game measures the time in milliseconds, so it isn't that silly, I guess. We still could compete.

Other challenges aren't that short also. Some of them take like 40-120 seconds to pass.

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United States

Yeah, I think those challenges would be a great idea! Even though the Basic Seamanship from Boat School is kinda short I also agree that the game measuring the miliseconds make it relevant (and even though is short, its not trivial getting it done under 9 seconds, I have been struggling for a long time now and no luck). All other challenges should take more than 25 seconds So if I have to say as well, add them too :). If they were I would definitely try to post a run to at least one of them.

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