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Yea, I already have "No Major Glitches" run (first level of the game).

So, what is this in my understanding:

"No Major Glitches%" means that "Car Parking Strategy" and "Nine-da-nine Mayhem (999999999$ in San Andreas)" is banned here, but "Getting-in-a-car Animation Skip" (for example) is okay.

"Glitchless%" means a ban on all of them. It's not allowed to use any of the above glitches.

Tequila Slammer is also under a question, it is allowed to skip it I guess, because it is actually not a glitch, it's a map issue.

IMO, it would be nice to add NMG% instead of Glitchless%. Ruin your runs just by accidentally holding left/right keys in the moment when you get in a vehicle is a shit, right? In the other side, Glitchless% is an absolutely clean walkthrough.

(I'm sure my english is bad, sorry for that (if so)).

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thing is - we had similar discussion regarding that kind of category in gta2 and it has borderline stupid ruleset in the end. In gta1 it might be slightly more reasonable, but if in odd chance you get few cars chained in explosion, you get combo, then as a result you can complete area faster. Did you do it accidentaly? Mostlikely. Will it affect your runs? Most certainly.

Glitchless is definetely out of discussion, but no major glitches is a thing that can be discussed. I'd like to have what other people have to say.
Regarding Tequila Slammer - I'd consider it a glitch, an error made during development and as a result it breaks intended way of playing. Mandarin Mayhem thing is definetely a glitch, but comboing is an intended part of gameplay and is a reason why defining ruleset will be a problem.

If we call it NMG - then why we ban combos? If we call it comboless - then what do we do if you accidentaly chain 2-3 cars in explosion?

Anyway if we go with it, I'd call it NME (No Major Exploits) and just put all listed above - purposeful carstacking, mandarin mayhem 999999, tequilla slammer exit in there. Want to hear more from @MolotokMolotok and @mikmik before this decision is made.

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A NME category would make some sense, since the whole car stacking crap is no fun. Would not be against it. PS would have its own categories anyway if someone would make some runs and want it on the board.


So what should be done? Any% PS or NME%? So the San Andreas section in Any% PS gonna be a copy of usual Any% category (blank leaderboard is not fancy). We can make No Major Glitches% in which PS version must be used, like @mikmik suggest. Because there is car limit, only 5-6 cars can be on the screen on the same time, so you can't abuse parking at all (even accidentally); also car entering animation skip isn't faster or slower in this version, just the animation goes weird. And the San Andreas skips should be banned by the rules and here we go: nice ruleset and everything is fine logically. What is actually better - NME% (PC are ok) or Glitchless% (PS only)? There is no big differences between these categories. Something one should be chosen I think.


It makes no sense to forbid running on certain platforms. If there would be a Any% NME category you could run it on different platforms and each platform would be seperated because the games on PS and PC differ enough to justify it. I personally would be for Any% NME on PC version since no one plays the PS anyway. But if people start to play it, we could of course create a seperate category for that if needed.

And about car stacking, I honestly think that it should never even be possible to occur if you only focus on missions and frenzies on PC. I mean you would need like over 10 cars for it to have some significant effect, how is that supposed to happen with regular traffic?


Whatever, IMO it would be great if you add [bold]NME%[/bold] category. Ban on purposeful parking solves anything.


I will setup category and rules tomorrow.

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