softlock in bent cop blues
1 year ago

in bent cop blues, I noticed a softlock that spawned on a mission cars that should go along a certain trajectory began to drive like NPCs also they don't go until you get close to them. maybe someone knows what this is about and what to do. because of this softlock, it is not possible to complete the phone 5 and phone 12 missions, possibly more

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@Abagur900 Maybe it happened to me as well during casual play.

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It happens in case if you already have some missions completed. I don't know exactly how it works, but if you complete some number of missions then all the mission-related drivers shall behave like random traffic NPCs. Sometimes it's possible to recover, sometimes it's not. This is why in the 100% speedrun of that level I'm doing the Phone 5 first. Phone 12, however, can be completed even with the glitched driver: you need to correct his position on the road, make him drive a certain lane. The problem is that you can spook the driver and mission eventually fails, so you have to be extremely careful:

This is also a thing in other levels, like Phone 2 in Heist Almighty, Phone 5: Mission 2 in Tequila Slammer and more I believe...

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I completed phone 12 by simply pushing the car to the desired point

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@Abagur900 in theory any mission of that kind is salvageable in that way :)

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