Autospliter (external link)

By hoxihoxi

GTA Fonts

Fonts from the game: ClarendonExtraBold, Powerhouse, Pricedown (as addition), RegisterDemiBold, TitanBold, TitanBoldItalic, TitanRegular, TitanRegularItalic. (direct download)


Completed Game

Every stage of each city unlocked as Troy. Place "PLAYER_A.DAT" file in "GTADATA" folder. (direct download)

By Tarakan3000Tarakan3000


Split Icons for Any%

Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City icons for splits. (direct download)

By Tarakan3000Tarakan3000

Split Icons for Any% NME

Can be useful. (direct download)

By Tarakan3000Tarakan3000


ECTS Competition Version

Fully working version from GTA official site. (external link)

By Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto - MS-DOS Version

GTA, GTA: London 1969, GTA: London 1961 in one fully working pack. (external link)

By Toshiba-3