Category clarifications (100%, Any% NME)
5 years ago

Since some questions arose, a clarification about what counts towards "100%" and also what counts as a major exploit for the recently added "Any% NME (no major exploits)" category.

1.) Clarification on 100% category: (last update: 26.08.2018) First of all old school gtas like gta1 or gta2 don´t have any percent counters, unlike the 3d era and later games. It is more an "All Goals" instead of "100%". In some later gta games like SA or V however there are percentage counters, but not every side goal (like completing "beat the cock" missions) counts towards the actual percentage. In old school gtas it is a similiar case, because some goals are listed in the pause screen, while other possible side activities like delivering cars to cranes or getting all bonuses are not. So to avoid any confusion or other arbitrary stuff, only the goals listed in the pause screen should count towards "100%"!

These goals are:

  • Missions Passed: Each unique mission needs to be completed. Bugs that have you get double mission completes for the same mission don´t mean that you can do one mission less.. and neither if the counter is broken and doesn´t add up the completed missions anymore. Same thing also accounts for the next goal.

  • Secrets Found: Each unique "Kill Frenzy" needs to be found as the menu says, completion is optional. So collecting them is enough, which makes the game register this goal (once, if no bugs happen). Whether you complete it or not doesn´t matter in this game!

  • Target Score: You need to at least reach the appointed score, which unlocks a red marker that points to the level exit. Since it is a level based game (where you are supposed to unlock next levels by having target score and then finishing the level), going to the red marker and leaving town is an additional requirement, which marks the level as completed.

2.) Clarification on Any% NME category: (last update: 21.05.2020) There are four known major exploits in this game and most of these were used in the regular Any% category which led to the creation of this category (to avoid all that crap and make it a more appealing game for speedrunning). So the category forbids the (ab)use of the following glitches/game mechanics:

  • unlimited combo multiplicator: When exploding/killing multiple cars or peds in a combo, the score multiplies by 2 with each kill. However there is no programmed limit to the combo multiplier, so you can get extremely high scores with many cars/peds. Note: you normally won´t get any huge combo multipliers unless you deliberately go for it (stacking cars or blowing up a group of people in a mission for example). So any deliberate use of it will result in an invalid run. Even an accidental occurence which so far was never observed will be assessed by the mods and probably result in an invalid run too. ;)

  • infinite score glitch: Blow up a cop car with cop inside, push the car on edge of a slope so that it partly is in air and shoot a rocket to the wall where the cop car is from below.

  • early level exit: In "Tequila Slammer" level you can exit the level without reaching the target score and any red marker appearing. Apparently no programmed checks whether requirements were met exist.

  • grilling cops: Kiling a cop with a flamethrower gives $10,000 base reward. With high score multiplier and even low combo multiplier it boosts score to a huge amount very quickly and is hence considered a major exploit.

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