GoldenEye XBLA Rankings
2 years ago
United States

I've made two google sheets that can serve as a rankings page for this game. One is for controller runs and the other is for Mouse & Keyboard runs. These sheets give us a points system similar to the one on, which encourages people to play more of the game to get a higher score.

Controller: Mouse & Keyboard:

Google sheets is not an ideal place to have a ranking system, but it's the best we have for now. There is an effort to get a real website up and running but that's going to take some time. In the meantime, this google sheet will be good enough. The main reason this exists is because's individual level leaderboard has a really lackluster user interface that makes it impossible to see all the mouse & keyboard times on a single page. The only way to see them on is to click each level/difficulty combination individually and look at the times from there. The spreadsheets also have some other nice features, like a point ranking system and an "overall combined time" section that encourages people to lower their times even if they already have a world record. I've also linked the controller spreadsheet on the sidebar, for easier access. If a real website is made for XBLA rankings, that will go there instead.

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United Kingdom

In case people do not know, the new ranking site is here:

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