L-Warp Sub-Category
L-Warp Sub-Category
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We have created a new sub-category for runs posted on the leaderboards which allows the use of lag based warps (L-Warps).

Until recently it was not possible to consistently warp small gaps like doors/guards as people do on the N64 version. However, we recently discovered a method to achieve this by pressing 'F5' during a run to clear the emulator runtime cache and generate a large lag spike which allows warping.

The moderation team agreed at the time that directly manipulating the cache or other settings in the emulator is not something which should be allowed for the default category. However, adding this as a separate sub-category could be fun to add a bit more depth to some of the levels.

The default category is still controller/standard(no lag based warping). Please make sure to read the updated rules before submitting any runs.


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