Tricks/Techniques for Goldeneye XBLA
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Hello. The point of this thread is to share information on tricks/techniques which are specific to the XBLA version of Goldeneye.

You should already be familiar with the basics which apply to the N64 version, if not then go here:

Here is a list of what is known for XBLA:

1. The D-pad trick

This is the biggest difference to the N64 version which has been found so far. It is possible to accelerate twice as quickly by using the L-stick and D-pad simultaneously. This saves 0.17 seconds for each time you lose full speed, including at the start of the level.

More details of this (including how to set this up) are mentioned in this thread:

2. Backstrafing in full speed

You can run full speed in backwards strafe if you use the D-pad and L-stick in combination. The trick works for the same reason that the D-pad trick works. When the game detects that you have held forward for a certain number of frames it applies a speed boost (aka 'full speed').

However, the game takes inputs from the L-stick and D-pad simultaneously which means you can build the full speed bonus by holding the L-stick forwards but simultaneously hold the D-pad down. Luckily the D-pad input seems to override the L-stick when determining the direction so you can move backwards while still at full speed.

This means you can build full speed going backwards and also maintain it if you switch from forwards to backwards strafing.

This might be useful for controller players who want to perform tight 180 degree turns as they can just back strafe out and maintain full speed. This requires custom button binds for the controller.

3. Rapid fire trick

It is possible to fire certain weapons (e.g. PP7) quickly by binding ‘Y’ to mousewheel up and mousewheel down and then scrolling while holding fire.

It is also possible to do this on controller. More details can be found here:

4. R-warps

Warping is less useful on XBLA compared to other versions. The r-warp technique only appears to work over very short distances and so far it only seems useful in a couple of situations.

The exit door on Bunker 1 and Bunker 2 is one example. A short video tutorial on how to do this on Bunker 1 is here:

It is also possible to warp ladders using the r-warp.

5. Mine through door

Explosions do not seem to damage objects through walls as easily on XBLA (e.g. on Surface 2) however they can still be thrown through doors if doors are ‘unloaded’.

For some reason this is most successful when the mine/grenade is aimed towards the bottom of a door and you turn away quickly to unload it. If this is successful you will hear the mine ‘skip’ as it lands.

A short video tutorial on how to do this on Surface 2 Agent is here:

6. Leaning shots increase accuracy

When standing still Bond’s aim ‘bobs’ around which makes precise shots more difficult at long distances. However, if you r-lean to the side then the bobbing stops after half a second or so which allows for more accurate long-distance shots (e.g. for camera shots on B1/B2/S2).

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