Goldeneye XBLA Rules Reference
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Florida, USA


Emulation via Xenia for Xbox 360 is allowed.

Posted runs achieved date will use the same date as the videos upload date.

Runs must be played in real time. Using Xenia's time scalar feature to alter the speed of runs is prohibited. Having an FPS counter viewable in your recording is recommended to help resolve discrepancies, but not required.

The community edition of Goldeneye XBLA is permitted. It is advised to not use this version unless necessary. Runs may be rejected if any notable advantage or difference is discovered at any point during the run, including after the upload date.

Advantage examples include; altered guard/enemy pathing or animations, lower health on enemies/NPCs, faster doors, objective skips of any kind, geometry differences, differences in loading of walls/doors/objects/items, or any other difference that leads to a time save.

Differences in text on screen/visual differences that are purely aesthetic are permitted.

Runs that use the community edition must be labeled as such in the video title (CE or Community Edition) and follow all rules present in the original version.


Video source is from either capture card or capturing software (OBS, Xsplit, Action, Shadowplay, twitch vods or highlights, etc).

Video resolution is at least 480p and frame rate is at least 25 FPS with no excessive stuttering, slowdowns, or frame drops at any point during gameplay.

If runs appear spliced in any way due to frame drops or slowdowns/speedups, the run will be rejected.

In-game sound effects are audible on the video and are not significantly delayed more-so than normal Xenia emulation. Music can be on or off.

The end screen must be shown long enough to tell what the final time is. The end time must display for at least one frame.

The video must not be too dark or too bright to see the run clearly. Please be careful adjusting the gamma setting as this can alter visual clarity.

Recordings of runs must include the first frame of the opening cut scene (black screen fading in) or be continued onward from the in-game menu.


Any method which automatically sends inputs is banned.

You cannot use any other input method (mousewheel, touchpad, controller shaking, or gyro based inputting) to assign any sequence of in game actions to a single human input.

No macros or scripts are permitted, where 'macros or scripts' includes any method of assigning a sequence of inputs to a single button/key.

Re-binding inputs or assigning different simultaneous inputs to the same button/key is allowed (e.g. LS-Up + Dpad-Up bound to a single button/key or RT + Y to a single button or key to backswitch).

Binding mousewheel up and/or down to one inputtable action (e.g. fire) is allowed.

Mouse & Keyboard runs should have ge_always_allow_inputs set to false to disable camera movement, firing, or any other actions during cutscenes.

Camera movement during an ending cutscene is permitted, however it is NOT allowed during an opening cutscene.


Using (whether accidental or not) low FPS/excessive lag/PC performance drops/graphical style changes to warp through ladders, boxes, doors, walls, cracks, guards or any other obstacle is banned in the default category.

If a warp occurs this way, then the player should go back to where they were before the warp so there isn't any advantage accidentally gained. This applies to both RTA speedruns and individual level runs.

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Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

"If a warp occurs this way, then the player should go back to where they were before the warp so there isn't any advantage accidentally gained. This applies to both RTA speedruns and individual level runs."

With all due respect, but if something like this would happen in IL runs, wouldn't you reset anyway?

Florida, USA

Yes you would, but being consistent in all cases was the theme for our rules.

United Kingdom

A news post about the Community Edition (CE) rule change is here:

The change log can be found when installing it but to save time I have posted all logged changes below:

GoldenEye 007 XBLA Community Edition Changelog

==Mar 06 2022==

  • Bunker ii: Fix disconnected stan tile on stairs [Wreck]

==Feb 13 2022==

  • Surface ii: Set pointer to use Surface i stan file [Wreck]

==Feb 07 2022==

  • Fix golden gun not appearing visible on respawn [Carnivorous]
  • Facility/Control: Fix bullet hole decal for glass windows [Wreck]
  • Basement: Tweak flag token position [Wreck]
  • Library: Change flag token pad [Wreck]

==Jan 16 2022==

  • Set doors to automatically close for local multiplayer [Carnivorous]

==Jan 15 2022==

  • Statue: Increased objective B radius check [Carnivorous]

==Jan 09 2022==

  • Implemented weapon firing sound effects for network multiplayer (shotguns are currently unsupported) [Carnivorous]
  • Flash current armor on screen for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Increased volume for grenade launcher firing sound effect [Carnivorous]
  • Disable player collisions for network multiplayer [Carnivorous]

==Jan 06 2022==

  • Implement character pain sound effects for remote damage messages for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Only trigger multiplayer death tune when being killed/killing remote players for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]

==Jan 05 2022==

  • Fix gasps triggered by remote players not using 3D position for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Fix knife attack sound effect not using 3D position for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Only use 2D positional audio for current player occupying viewport for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Only allow gasps to trigger if local player dealt damage for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]

==Dec 29 2021==

  • Fixed armor awarding logic used for networking [Carnivorous]

==Dec 27 2021==

  • Frigate: Set water texture to use mipmaps [Carnivorous]

==Dec 26 2021==

  • Frigate: Restored water and added new skyrome [Carnivorous]

==Dec 22 2021==

  • Fixed watch's music/fx volume sliders range not reaching 100% [Carnivorous]

==Dec 21 2021==

  • Tweaked 3D audio position code for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Fixed doors sync for multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Tweaked GUN_RIFLECOCK/EMPTY_GUN_FIRE sound effects [Carnivorous]

==Dec 19 2021==

  • Tweaked CART_SPENT sound effect [Carnivorous]
  • Lowered volume of multiplayer death music track [Carnivorous]
  • Increased audio listening distance from 50 meters to 65 meters [Carnivorous]
  • Improved 3D audio positioning for single screen multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Implemented armor sync for networking [Carnivorous]

==May 17 2021==

  • Egypt: Fix glass doors for golden gun room [Wreck]

==May 07 2021==

  • Resolved z-fighting for console1/console2/tuningconsole1 models [Wreck]
  • Library/Stack/Basement: New skydome [Carnivorous]
  • Made sky bank always use P2 for multiplayer [Carnivorous]
  • Tweaked screen position for console1 model [Wreck]

==May 06 2021==

  • Tweaked screen position for consolesev2b model [Wreck]

==May 05 2021==

  • Tweaked screen position for consolesevb model [Wreck]
  • Tweaked screen position for TV model [Wreck]
  • Frigate: Resolved portal culling errors [Wreck]

==May 02 2021==

  • Silo: Resolved portal culling errors for shuttles [Wreck]
  • Silo: New sky settings [Wreck]
  • Bunker i: New sky settings [Wreck]
  • Dam: Tweak intro camera sky setting [Wreck]
  • Dam: Fix intro cameras showing level culling [Wreck]
  • Tweak wooden table prop vertex colors [Wreck]

==May 01 2021==

  • Created level entry structure for easy modding (xex offset 84AF90-84B7DF) [Carnivorous]

==Apr 30 2021==

  • Tweaked vertex colors for woodlgcrate1/woodsmcrate5/cardbox2 [Wreck]

==Apr 29 2021==

  • Control: Added new skydome [Carnivorous]
  • Fixed internal cheat table not resetting on stage load [Carnivorous]

==Apr 26 2021==

  • Silo: Added new skydome [Carnivorous]
  • Remove vaseline-o-vision from original graphics mode [Carnivorous]

==Apr 25 2021==

  • Surface i/ii: Added portals for new fencing areas [Wreck]
  • Tweaked button B/Y icons for UI [Wreck]

==Apr 24 2021==

  • Tweaked rocket launcher and timed mine textures [Flargee]

==Apr 23 2021==

  • Added new icons for mines and gold bullet [Wreck]

==Apr 22 2021==

  • Applied DC offset adjustments to weapon fire sound effects [Carnivorous]

==Apr 21 2021==

  • Added new Doak head to original graphics mode [Carnivorous]
  • Tweaked multiplayer point of view heights and swapped a few character heads [Wreck]

==Apr 20 2021==

  • Fix flight recorder showing up in watch [Wreck]
  • Remove graphics mode switching during intro [Carnivorous]

==Apr 19 2021==

  • Fix yale key watch position [Wreck]

==Apr 18 2021==

  • Tweaked cheat active message in menu [Wreck]
  • Depot: New train door model [Wreck]
  • Fixed all new briefcase models [Carnivorous]

==Apr 17 2021==

  • Lowered volume of watch laser firing sound effect [Carnivorous]
  • Control: Set Natalya to drop magnum on death [Wreck]
  • Jungle: Set Natalya to drop magnum on death [Wreck]
  • Fix bolt key, circuitboard and clipboard watch positions [Wreck]
  • Streets: Tweaked sky settings [Carnivorous]
  • Remade Cougar Magnum texture [Carnivorous/Flargee]
  • Jungle: Fix guards detecting Bond before intro swirl has finished [Carnivorous]
  • Tweak hand textures for weapon models [Flargee]

==Apr 15 2021==

  • New clipboard model [Wreck]
  • Fixed new sevdoor3 prop texture [Wreck]
  • Fix various inventory items showing up in watch [Wreck]

==Apr 14 2021==

  • Added new Doak head over missing head slot [kholdfuzion/Carnivorous/Flargee/@PalfreyLewis]
  • Increased unlocked multiplayer characters [Wreck]

==Apr 13 2021==

  • Jungle: Tweaked sky settings [Carnivorous]
  • Bunker ii: Replaced skydome [Carnivorous]
  • Archives: Tweaked sky settings [Wreck]
  • Train: Tweak sky settings [Wreck]

==Apr 10 2021==

  • Control: Fix blast door flags [Wreck]

==Apr 06 2021==

  • Complex: All railings can be fired through [Wreck]
  • Added surround sound 5.1 xex build [Carnivorous]
  • Tweak MP level names in menu [Wreck]

==Apr 04 2021==

  • Tweaked menu briefing model for 21:9 widescreen [Wreck]
  • Tweak MP level names in menu [Wreck]
  • Rename MP dev characters [Wreck]
  • Tweaked extra multiplayer characters [Wreck]
  • Caves: Set new hit file to use all dirt surfaces [Wreck]

==Apr 03 2021==

  • Complex: Tweak railings can be shot through [Wreck]
  • Recreated all bullet ricochet sound effects from original sources [Carnivorous]
  • Caves: Set original hit file to use all dirt surfaces [Wreck]
  • Complex: Set original hit file to use all metal surfaces [Wreck]

==Apr 02 2021==

  • Frigate: Allow firing through cockpit window [Wreck]
  • Dam: Allow firing through grate [Wreck]

==Apr 01 2021==

  • Locked near clipping plane to 2 [Carnivorous]

==Mar 31 2021==

  • Fixed door audio glitch [Carnivorous]
  • Set audio output to stereo [Carnivorous]

==Mar 29 2021==

  • Tweaked weapon prop sizes for MP [Wreck]
  • Tweaked Natalya's character scale and POV [Wreck]
  • Fixed character unlock extension not working for system link [Wreck]

==Mar 27 2021==

  • Tweak texture on original siloliftdoor prop [Wreck]

==Mar 26 2021==

  • Complex: Restored railings and added new skydome [Carnivorous]
  • Cradle: Tweaked skydome texture [Carnivorous]
  • Increased unlocked multiplayer characters [Wreck]

==Mar 25 2021==

  • Tweak texture on siloliftdoor prop [Wreck]
  • Aztec: Corrected shading for original dooraztec prop [Wreck]

==Mar 24 2021==

  • Allow firing through gasplantcleardoor/sevdoorwood/sevtrislide/traindoor2/sevdoorwind doors [Wreck]
  • Frigate: Fixed doordest2 prop [Wreck]
  • Tweaked UVs for doorroller4 prop [Wreck]
  • Allow firing through the glass of the Bunker electronic sliding doors [Wreck]
  • Surface i/ii: Fixed cabin door not opening [Wreck]
  • Control: Replaced old placeholder texture in first area [Carnivorous]
  • Bunker ii: Removed low resolution dirt patch in starting cells [Carnivorous]
  • Fixed steeldoor1 not retaining the original yellow stripe [Carnivorous]

==Mar 23 2021==

  • Surface ii: Set half armor to be in Secret Agent difficulty [Wreck]
  • Frigate: Move hidden armor [Wreck]
  • Silo: Changed armor model to match amount given [Wreck]
  • Silo/Statue/Jungle: Set armor to load in 007 difficulty [Wreck]
  • Tweaked all new skydome models/textures [Carnivorous]
  • Surface ii: Reduced fog distance to closer match N64 [Carnivorous]
  • Surface i: Fixed bookshelves from corrupting graphics [00action]
  • Temple: Resolved incorrect ammo crate types for weapon spawns [00action]

==Mar 22 2021==

  • Dam/Cradle: New skydome models [Carnivorous]
  • Archives MP: Shift stacked ammo crate position [Wreck]
  • Control: Set Trevelyan to hold DK5 in right hand [Carnivorous]
  • Statue: Fixed guard holding weapon incorrectly for end cutscene [Carnivorous]
  • Runway: Fixed drone gun vertex colors [Wreck]
  • Surface i/ii: Fixed pad link for exterior railing [Wreck]
  • Surface ii: New skydome model [Carnivorous]
  • Dam: Fixed padlock not dropping after being exploded [Wreck]
  • Egypt MP: Fixed ammo box pad not spawning in basement [Wreck]
  • Tweaked shading for ammo box prop [Wreck]
  • Fixed jail cell door vertex colors [Wreck]
  • Egypt: Fixed doors not drawing correctly [Wreck]
  • Surface i/ii: Split internal filenames [Carnivorous]
  • Statue: New skydome model and sky setting tweak [Carnivorous]
  • Jungle: Fixed Xenia triggering early due to sky setting change [Carnivorous]

==Mar 21 2021==

  • Runway/Surface i: New skydome models [Carnivorous]
  • Fixed Surface i guards dropping non-dual flagged klobbs [00action]
  • Tweaked menu briefing model for widescreen [Wreck]
  • Silo/Aztec: Resolved portal culling errors for shuttles [Wreck]
  • Archives: Increased far clipping sky setting [Carnivorous]
  • Archives/Streets/Depot/Train: New skydome models and sky setting tweaks [Carnivorous]
  • Cuba: Replaced background/pads with one from Jungle [Wreck]
  • Cuba: Added 360 remaster team credits [Wreck]
  • Fixed metalchair1/stool1 prop vertex colors [Wreck]
  • Fixed watch laser cuff models [Wreck]

==Mar 20 2021==

  • Temple/Egypt/Caves: Renamed missing skydomes [Wreck]
  • Jungle: Adjusted sky data [Wreck]
  • Fixed tuningconsole1 prop wheels [Wreck]
  • Bunker door decal fixed [Wreck]
  • Shotgun prop chrautoshot muzzle error fixed [Wreck]
  • Runway: Fixed incorrectly scaled doors [Wreck]
  • Runway: Fixed guards not spawning with weapons [Wreck]

==Mar 19 2021==

  • Fixed GoldenEye 007 logo ring [Wreck]
  • New audio file that resolves a number of volume issues [Carnivorous]
  • Restructured Fyodorovna hacks at end of RAM [Carnivorous]
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