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Final Fantasy 10 prototype speedrun duel consoles speedrun.
Keep a eye on the damage to monster as they are not the same on both consoles !!
Involving two FF10's being played with one controller's inputs.
You need to have a hdmi 4 in 1 quad multi viewer to do this speedrun !
PS3 needs to be wired to playstation 4 controller usb for this to work.
It is much harder to do this speedrun with two playstation consoles at the same time.
see play list
see youtube video part 1


Just finish final fantasy 10 duel consoles ps3+ps4 speedrun total time 49:58:05
I'm not the best doing the sphere grids tryed it on standard an expert grids it is possible to speedrun
final fantasy 10 with two consoles at the same time.
see youtube video of me doing the end of final fnasty 10 as proof of concept it is possible to do final fantasy10 with two consoles at the same time.