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It is finally time to reveal the best way to play Expert Grid. The route was already done last year, but I lost interest in the game for a while. Got back to practicing it again last week and got a good run on PS3 so I can showcase it well. I have added commentary to explain as well. I have a big warning! If you learn this you won't go back to Standard Grid again...

I go for Kimahri cutscene instead of Auron at Lake Macalania

- No Luck Sphere in Kilika Forest
- Always early Haste in Luca (Mech #3)
- Need to win Blitzball
- Steal available right after Chocobo Eater (to steal Bomb Fragments, Electro Marbles and Smoke Bombs with Yuna before Flee)
- Grenades at MRR for fast level ups
- Stealing Petrify Grenades on Djose Road (2 minimum, 7 maximum)
- Tidus has 16 Agility to outspeed all enemies in Moonflow Road
- No Magic Defense Sphere in Moonflow Road
- Extractor about ~1:30 faster due to Electro Marbles
- Dodge 50 lightning bolts (2x MP spheres, 3x Strength Spheres)
- Crawler mix (LV 2 Key + Lightning Marble)
- Faster Seymour & Anima (Self Destruct) always below 2 minutes!
- Shiva for Wendigo (stun-locked)
- Steal for Zu (Can steal smoke bombs for free on forced battle)
- Petrify Grenades for 2x Plants, 3x Home Battles (instead of Stone Breath)
- Only need Teleport Spheres, no LV key spheres or other chests...
- Chaos Grenade for Evrae (~1:00 minute fight if played well)
- Faster Bevelle Guards
- Yuna (attack) kills Larvas in Via Purifico
- Shiva kills all Isaaru battles (9999 damage)
- Yuna (1x attack kills YKT-63 robots with 1 hit) and Tidus the Long-Range robots with 1 hit on Highbridge.
- Bahamut (1 shot on Seymour Highbridge)
- Bahamut (2 shot on Defender boss)
- Kimahri solo (Lightning Marble, Water Gem)
- Seymour Mt. Gagazet (1 shot Bahamut - 87.5% or 100% impulse)
- Sanctuary Keeper (1 shot Bahamut 90.6%)
- Friend Sphere in Zanarkand necessary (and the Luck Sphere and Fortune Sphere if you want to make it safe from misses)
- Seymour Omnis (Haste Yuna, Armor Break from Yuna, Yuna summons Bahamut 1 shot)
- Wakka backup for Zombie Attack if necessary (only needed EXP from 1 boss for example Crawler or Seymour Omnis (Auron can swap out for Wakka).

Everything is much easier with Expert Grid. I think I cover everything well in the video. There is a little bit of hidden time save due to Tidus being so fast after Djose Road (16 Agility) since he can flee so nicely from Moonflow Road to Spherimorph. On PC you lose about 3:52 with the safe lightning dodges (you could YOLO last bolt on your way for a 3:45 time loss). That is ALL the time calculated (enemies + chest grabs included). That was last year, maybe it's even faster now with walking strategy.

Proof video:

I think a lot of people will get interested in the route after this being public now. It helps lower skilled players getting a better time as well because it has a lot less RNG involved. Ambushes on MRR is no longer a problem. Yuna cannot die due to 975 HP. I will get sub 9 on PC soon to prove it is easy. 🙂 Have fun!

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congrats on the route, looks really good
i love the eating chips strat on via purifico 😃

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Thanks for this man! This route looks great, gotta take notes 😃

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gj creating the route; still gonna say "for lower skilled players" bahamut route with regular sphere grid would be the best case. 50x lightning dodge; get to 45 and mess up once welp gg huge time loss. Seems like theres more party member swaps as well. none the less tho gj.