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I realized recently that the 100% category for FF7 had been removed from Is there any way I can appeal this? I know the run was long and the rules were arbitrary given there isn't an in-game completion percentage, however, I really enjoyed this category and I know a lot of people feel the same way. I know there are other categories that still exist on the website that have long runs and/or arbitrary endpoints. Ultimately, I think people had fun with this category and I think we could be fairer to the record holders who took the time to make it to the leaderboards.


You said it yourself, rules are hard to define to make it competitive and general interest was very low. A leaderboard is just a tool to compare times of runners to form a competition. 100% in FF7 never had an elaborated route, nor a lot of runners and the nature of the category has so much RNG that a fair comparison is almost impossible.

But just because there is no leaderboard for a category doesn't mean you can't run it. People are free to speedrun whatever game in whatever way they want.

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What about 100% for FF8 and Xenogears? Those are RNG heavy and long speedruns. They all still have leaderboards on the site. They aren't nearly as popular as FF7 100%. Xenogears has two submissions in 100%. Pokemon Stadium 2 "Complete the Game" category is one of the longest and most RNG heavy games to run. There is one submission and it's by the moderator of the leaderboard. Twitch had a 100% run of FF7 get 3k concurrent viewers just the other day. Normally that particular streamer averages around 1.5k with any other game. It seems like there is a lot of interest compared to other categories on this website. The fact that a solid route has not been created yet in FF7 100% doesn't mean there won't be future developments. There are random categories all over that make less sense than this category.

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You should not mix up general interest in watching a category with the need of a leaderboard. Mountain climbing is hard to do and has many fans but it has no board that tries to compare them because that would be silly. 100% might not have a leaderboard right now anymore but that doesn't mean it won't have one forever, times will change. Biggest problem is the definition of 100% in a game like FF7. If people would agree to one it would probably get its leaderboard but there are like 1-2 who run the definition kynos did back then but there are others who don't like that one and changed it up a bit to make it more runnable or created their entire own definitions. There has been discussions about that before but you know how that is in the speedrun community, discussions often end very sudden without any conclusion. It's an never ending argument between people who want it "True 100%" and people who want it shorter and more comparable

I can't speak for any other leaderboard you listed, they probably have their own reasons

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My original post my question was "Is there any way I can appeal this?". This still hasn't been answered. If some people didn't like the ruleset or wanted to modify it slightly then let's have that conversation. If they want to talk about what it would take to make this category more attractive to the majority of runners then let's talk about that. No one's gonna ever agree on anything but if they want to cut out some of the items in Chocobo racing or something then maybe that's something people should consider.

Interest in a category is people watching it and people running it. More people watching it will likely correlate to more people running the category and speedrunning in general. That is probably a good thing for this website. I'll talk to people who speedrun it and see if I can get a few different rulesets going.


For me, not it cannot be appealed, but I'm not the only mod so u can try to talk with the other mods and I wish u luck.
Zheal gave a lot of good reasons that I don't really feel like saying again. (lazy :p)
I had a conversation back then with the 100% runners and just nothing turned out to work well for everyone, and it was with a low amount of runners. Even if we get to an agreement with the low amount of runner there is, there will always be contradictions in the 100% definition of FF7 because it is not defined in game. I also think it's more of a fun completion category to do that doesn't need competition.