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Hi guys, i plan to do a full run of this category, currently practicing a segmented speedrun. However i have some question to clarify, some being quite serious that i think will disqualify my run, others i think i know the answer but just need confirmation:

1. I know u need to show video FPS capped at 30fps, so i followed the guide and installed DXtory and FPSfix, tuned the setting in .txt file. So the question here is, i realized during some screen it still goes above 30fps i.e 30.01, 30.02, or 30.03, does this count as disqualify if it happens ? (most of the time its below 30.00fps)

2. I had PTown told me that my chocobo race in desert prison is faster than usual, i checked some completed run in this category and mine indeed is faster by quite significant, i think this is a glitch, how to fix this?

3. Whirlwind area, the screen before jeno death fight, the fog is okay but the "wind" that crosses from right to left, i see its moving extremely fast and disappear from time to time, i think it is similar kind of glitch with above, how to fix this?

4. i know can save and if die (game over) then just reload that save point, however if say i failed CC skip and i want to reset, i just go to menu and quit, then launch ff7 again ? ( i know need to run the fpsfix before launching it)


Hey phekwei!
1. The FPS just need to be 30 on avarege, its ok if it varies from 29.95 to 30.05 as long as its mostly 30
2. Its a glitch on the PC version and its ports, noone knows what causes it or how to fix it, as far as i know that wouldnt disqualify your run.
3. Cant help with that one, never seen it personally. Id imagine its one of the many visual glitches that can happen in this version.
4. Yes unfortunately PC version doesnt have a soft reset, so you would need to alt f4 (or quit on the menu) and reopen the game. That would reset the formations on the stepcount, but its still possible to get death sentence and complete the run
Good luck on your runs!

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Thanks Doumeis, i had another practice run and on the question number 2, the chocobo race became normal speed again. So if the glitch happens, it is actually fortunate for me where i can save more time, and i wouldnt get disqualify from it.
Thank you.

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