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I think it may be time to add a category to the leaderboard for PC All Bosses w/Warps. There at least 4-5 runners who have completed runs of this category, and since it is wildly different than the current All Bosses No Slots category I think its time to add this new category.

I'm happy to discuss rules for this category before setting up the leaderboard so that submissions can be made that don't violate rules the community at large agree with. No turbo, no slots, etc. Considering the amount of times this category requires a S&Q I would like to suggest that an FPS limiter NOT be applied to this category, keeping this open to Free FPS.

Anyways TLDR: New category please!

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Agreed, as said I'll add it as son as I find some time for it.

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Couple of things I wanted to say regarding the leaderboard (most of which I've already said elsewhere, but to reiterate):

- I think the existing leaderboard should be renamed to "All Bosses No Slots/No Warps," and the new one can just be "All Bosses." Use of Slots is irrelevant since the current route takes advantage of not recruiting Cait Sith, though we can discuss it if we decide Slots is faster for something.

- I used the existing boss list to make the route, which includes Yuffie as a boss. Since the route includes frequent Yuffie warping, I opted to interpret this rule as "you need to complete the Yuffie recruitment process," but I'm open to discuss opinions on that (whether Yuffie warping itself should count, if Yuffie should be considered a boss at all, etc.)

- The current route defeats Materia Keeper twice, which is technically against the "bosses can only be defeated once" rule. I was told the rule is meant to exclude enemies that can be killed repeatedly, like Midgar Zolom, in which case I think the rule should be rephrased or removed.

In any case, I'm hyped for the new board!