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Just trying to learn ff7 noslot pc free fps..i was watching a video on the site..3rd place by Kynos and i got to 2:16:53 and then all of a sudden it skips to cosmo xD ?? the splits say he done the inbetween but theres no video? just bringing this to your attention as im trying to learn the run thats all


This video is very old, and from an era where Twitch used to record videos in chunks of 30 minutes. Over time, some of those chunks were lost, and I think that's what's happened here. A 30 minute chunk was lost and it was skipped.

Also, because this run is so old, I would strongly advise against using it to learn the run, because the strats will be very outdated. I would suggest learning from the Any% No Slots/No Warps 30 FPS category instead. The FPS difference won't change any of the strategies.


ahhh thanks for replying just thought id say somthing as it was a fair chunk that was missing and was wondering why it was, Thanks for the advice 🙂

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