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Hey! So I've been working on a possible route for PC All Bosses that would involve wrong warping/Yuffie warping to skip a bunch of cutscenes. However, it was pointed out to me that the rules say bosses can be defeated only once. Since Yuffie is considered one of the bosses, would this mean that Yuffie warping isn't allowed? Thanks!

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hey, I believe yuffie warping etc would probably make it a new category. Beating Yuffie twice wouldn't be an issue, the rule is more to exclude some enemies that could be consider like bosses, like the Stingers.


Yeah, I thought that it might count as a new category, haha. I would be fine doing it as a separate category if that's the case.

As for excluding enemies that are boss-like, the rule says "All bosses have to be defeated and can only be defeated once," which is pretty confusing if what you say is true. Maybe it should be rephrased to something like "All bosses that can be defeated only once must be defeated"? (Though technically that doesn't apply to Yuffie, since you can fight her multiple times even without glitches...)


it was really just a rule made for removing some enemies that can be defeated multiple times but some could say they count as bosses, the ruling wasn't easy to do, I've been playing with another rule even the last times I've done it just to put one back 😐️
"A boss is defined as an enemy that can only be defeated once or has a unique reward behind him"
is the current one I'm using


What would it take to get a new category for PC All Bosses with Warps? Currently the route petfriendamy has been working on we defeat Materia Keeper multiple times as part of the wrong warping method. I am starting to run this route and I know a few others that are planning on making run attempts of this particular category.

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I am considering running the route as well. If you'd like to make a new category with a few times to start it off, I would run it once to get a time down


Although I would be FreeFPS most likely