Turbo with PC runs (with Steam tool)
2 years ago

So, I started having some wrist pain in my right hand from all the mashing that I've been doing over my 7 years of speedrunning. I think, IMO, we should allow Turbo for PC since it's something everyone who can run PC, can do since it is all based on Settings that you can access on your Steam account. This prevents long term damage for your hands and encourages more players to run the game due to the game then being more accessible to people who have such a condition. I would love to add this accessibility feature for PC runs. It doesn't have to be added for other consoles, but atleast for PC, where everyone can get this to work for themselves. Thoughts on this idea?

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Texas, USA

I don't think people are generally opposed to turbo (for the most part), and given that I haven't heard otherwise from other PC folks, we went ahead and added a variable for Turbo on PC runs.

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So, right now the turbo/non-turbo variable shows up for SNES No CW and not PC. I'm guessing that's an accident then?

Washington, USA

For NoCW and No64, turbo/non-turbo is a separate sub-leaderboard. For PC, it's a flag you set in the run itself, and is listed as a separate column in the leaderboard. If you're seeing something different, all I can suggest is clearing your cache and reloading.

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Nope, that's what I see, I just misunderstood and thought that it was only going to apply to PC and I think I somehow missed the turbo column for PC (I think I was just looking for the separate board and didn't look close enough)! Thanks for clarifying!