New Categories for PR Releases?
7 months ago
Florida, USA

The new releases for Pixel Remaster are supposed to have the option to turn off encounters, adjust EXP, etc. It would be interesting to see runs that at least utilize the no encounters setting. The current strat would need some adjustment to make up for the EXP gained by Cecil on Mt. Ordeals after becoming a Paladin.

Texas, USA

If someone wants to define a category and do runs of it and submit here, then sure. Otherwise historically we've created categories pre-emptively and then had no one run them, so I'm a fan of leaving the onus on the trailblazers to blaze the trail, so to speak.

Definitely would be neat to see a 0 exp run.

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Florida, USA

That's completely understandable. I'll look into it. I'm running decent times on the current PR patch on PC, so I want to get a run submitted for that first.

Florida, USA

Right now I'm trying a "Full Boost" run with all of the boosts maxed out (no encounters, 4x EXP, and 4x Gil).

Beating Baigan has been the main roadblock so far since you can't level Cecil on Mt. Ordeals. Instead, you have to have Palom alone at the end of both Scarmiglione battles so that he learns Quake. Then, ending both the Baigan and Cagnazzo battles with only Cecil and Palom raises Cecil's level up comparable to what it is in a normal PR Any% run.

It seems that leveraging the Exp multiplier by having only key characters alive at the end of boss battles may be one of the main things to nail down to get times low.

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