Emulator: Hard Reset Standard
11 months ago
Michigan, USA

I am currently working on a FFIV Paladin run and will be running No 64 in the future. I am using the Snes9x emulator.

On the Snes you have to wait a handful of seconds in order to do a hard reset. Is there a standard amount of time I should wait, while reloading the game, to do a hard reset on an emulator?

Washington, USA

I thought we had a rule about this, but I don't see one, so I guess not. I can tell you that my console can take upwards of 17 seconds to fully clear out its RAM for a hard reset, so for fairness any time used on an emulator should be comparable to that. But like I said, I thought we already had an agreed upon number, so maybe someone else will pipe in.

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Virginia, USA

We established 15 seconds in the Mysidia Mayhem tournaments. I found evidence of this here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NqYH1iaDqd991aZIPkwNYGwogdks5FkySdcxN5givZo/edit

South Australia, Australia

If you guys need more console data, my SNES can "hard reset" to a stable seed in 4.5 seconds.

Not saying that should be a benchmark though, in case other SNES consoles are generally slower. There were cases where hard resetting took tens of seconds, but around 12 seemed to be the higher average limit. In that tournament several (!) years ago we rounded that up to 15 just to be safe and standard for runners all round.

IMO as long as emulator runners make an effort to pause during the hard reset that should be fine.