ATB Trick
Dorset, England

Hi just wondered if there is a ATB trick tutorial around as i plan on learning the psx glitchless run? thanks

Texas, USA

Not 100% sure what you're referring to by ATB trick, but I'll try and answer regardless based on the SNES version since PSX should be roughly the same:

ATB in FF4 is generally running all the time with the exception of the time you are in menu. This includes brief times that you may not immediately consider such as the time it takes to draw the actual command menu and the same with closing it.

By attempting to run away from battles that you can't run away from, this causes a dialog box to appear with the "Can't Run!" message. While this message is present, ATB will not be progressing for anyone in the fight. So by utilizing this ability to pause ATB while still having the ability to navigate the menu and select commands, this allows for character commands to be queued as quickly as possible, negative menu open and close animation times and the time it takes to select commands, etc.

Dorset, England

Oh its a phrase in the psx glitchless notes i came accross but im ashuming what you explained is it! Thank you