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Finally a halfway decent run, although still improvable and even with all the optimisations the route has gotten, there's still more of them to be found. Sub-9:30 soon hopefully

  • any% was complete garbage as usual
  • 1 bonus fort for bartleby 1
  • 2 bonus decepts, wanted to use them on M5 and M18, ended up using the one for M5 on M2 instead because the battle zone trolled me, the one intended for M18 still went there at least
  • M9 preempt is still free
  • deaths to 2 bombs, 2x M55, M52, M51, 2x M59, M54
  • third try M55 and very fast faultwarrens Neochu
  • death to Attacus was because I set up SEN/SEN/SAB instead of SEN/SEN/COM

I accidentally paused the timer on Bhakti instead of splitting, so I added 3 seconds to the submitted time over the time on livesplit to reflect the duration for which I had the timer paused there. Technically I also started the timer 6 seconds early after the break since my controller was disconnected but... Oh who even cares.

Break at 4:FIFTYFOUR:FIFTYFOUR Timer accidentally paused at 6:45:01

All Missions
9h 35m 41s
8 months ago
8 months ago
8 months ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Chapter 111m 29s 969ms11m 29s 969ms
2Chapter 210m 43s 910ms22m 13s 879ms
3Chapter 318m 30s 965ms40m 44s 844ms
4Chapter 428m 40s 450ms1h 09m 25s 294ms
5Chapter 516m 44s 223ms1h 26m 09s 517ms
6Chapter 610m 23s 733ms1h 36m 33s 250ms
7Chapter 726m 31s 892ms2h 03m 05s 142ms
8Chapter 88m 58s 214ms2h 12m 03s 356ms
9Chapter 926m 48s 301ms2h 38m 51s 657ms
10Chapter 1018m 27s 493ms2h 57m 19s 150ms
11(1) Run starts here6m 43s 835ms3h 04m 02s 985ms
12(2) Uridimmu & Gorgonospids2m 11s 929ms3h 06m 14s 914ms
13(3) Ugallu6m 03s 023ms3h 12m 17s 937ms
14(4) Adroa & Verdelet
3m 32s 132ms3h 15m 50s 069ms
15(7) Bituitus6m 53s 100ms3h 22m 43s 169ms
16(6) Munchkins3m 15s 632ms3h 25m 58s 801ms
17(5) Edimmu4m 51s 796ms3h 30m 50s 597ms
18(9) Kaiser Behemoth
5m 56s 696ms3h 36m 47s 293ms
19(12) Geiseric6m 55s 427ms3h 43m 42s 720ms
20(13) Goblins5m 15s 446ms3h 48m 58s 166ms
21(17) Pulsework Champion2m 23s 909ms3h 51m 22s 075ms
22(14) Sahagins & Ceratosaurs
3m 58s 622ms3h 55m 20s 697ms
23(15) More Goblins4m 56s 327ms4h 00m 17s 024ms
24(11) Adroas3m 18s 490ms4h 03m 35s 514ms
25(10) Ambling Bellows2m 22s 112ms4h 05m 57s 626ms
26(18) Ambling Bellows
7m 29s 376ms4h 13m 27s 002ms
27(19) Uridimmu x47m 51s 660ms4h 21m 18s 662ms
28(20) Even More Goblins4m 29s 532ms4h 25m 48s 194ms
29(21) Gelatitan3m 56s 268ms4h 29m 44s 462ms
30(22) Ambling Bellows2m 01s 084ms4h 31m 45s 546ms
31(23) Gurangatch1m 15s 016ms4h 33m 00s 562ms
32(24) Mushussu4m 16s 200ms4h 37m 16s 762ms
33(25) Vetala
5m 21s 616ms4h 42m 38s 378ms
34(26) Penanggalan
2m 25s 705ms4h 45m 04s 083ms
35Dahaka6m 05s 100ms4h 51m 09s 183ms
36(28) Frogs8m 32s 370ms4h 59m 41s 553ms
37Chapter 118m 55s 845ms5h 08m 37s 398ms
38Chapter 1226m 54s 479ms5h 35m 31s 877ms
39Chapter 13 - Tiamat13m 42s 016ms5h 49m 13s 893ms
40(8) Rakshasa3m 40s 908ms5h 52m 54s 801ms
41(58) Humbaba6m 17s 610ms5h 59m 12s 411ms
42(29) Juggernaut8m 25s 718ms6h 07m 38s 129ms
43(61) Juggernaut + Bhakti6m 01s 664ms6h 13m 39s 793ms
44(55) RNGochu13m 10s 252ms6h 26m 50s 045ms
45(30) Syphax8m 34s 045ms6h 35m 24s 090ms
46(53) Zirnitra9m 20s 627ms6h 44m 44s 717ms
47(31) Pulsework Champion4m 43s 644ms6h 49m 28s 361ms
48(34) "Zenobia"
1m 39s 236ms6h 51m 07s 597ms
49Faultwarrens 110m 53s 584ms7h 02m 01s 181ms
50Faultwarrens 27m 32s 521ms7h 09m 33s 702ms
51Faultwarrens 37m 22s 455ms7h 16m 56s 157ms
52Faultwarrens 4
10m 43s 200ms7h 27m 39s 357ms
53Faultwarrens 511m 00s 206ms7h 38m 39s 563ms
54Faultwarrens 611m 37s 867ms7h 50m 17s 430ms
55Faultwarrens 718m 16s 800ms8h 08m 34s 230ms
56(33) Adamanchelid5m 01s 164ms8h 13m 35s 394ms
57(57) Sahagins
3m 38s 786ms8h 17m 14s 180ms
58(32) Amam
3m 32s 048ms8h 20m 46s 228ms
59(52) Zirnitra3m 03s 654ms8h 23m 49s 882ms
60(59) Zirnitra5m 24s 768ms8h 29m 14s 650ms
61(63) Adamantortoise
5m 02s 056ms8h 34m 16s 706ms
62(16) Ceratoraptors3m 30s 508ms8h 37m 47s 214ms
63(54) Gigantuar7m 34s 064ms8h 45m 21s 278ms
64(56) Ugallu
4m 23s 964ms8h 49m 45s 242ms
65(62) Raktavija x210m 55s 196ms9h 00m 40s 438ms
66(60) Gelatitan x3
5m 38s 436ms9h 06m 18s 874ms
67(27) Mithridates2m 18s 832ms9h 08m 37s 706ms
68(64) Vercingetorix18m 36s 613ms9h 27m 14s 319ms
69Final bosses are free8m 24s 531ms9h 35m 38s 850ms
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