FPSFix separation decision
2 years ago
United Kingdom

We have decided to add a new variable to the leaderboards for use of FPSFix in PC runs. Due to site limitations this applies to all runs (as in console also), as we can't split it down to only the PC variables. FPSFix enabled runs will be hidden by default from the leaderboards, but can be shown by manually changing the filters selected (there is a site bug where the filters may say they are on "any" when it's not actually doing that) As such, people can continue to run with the FPSFix mod, but the runs will be separated from other non-modded PC runs, and hidden by default.

For now we won't be indicating any kind of separation based on processor type, partly because its impossible to actually verify at the point of submission, and partly because we feel that the important separation here is if the game is adjusted from it's default state (as terribly inconsistent as that is). We have no way of knowing if future versions of the mod would potentially help in the other direction, or if in the future some other processor type comes in, or if there are other variances in performance with the mod that we don't know about yet. We would encourage people to include their processor type in the comments if you want to track it that way.

At the end of the day, leaderboards have to be trusted, and we feel that leaving modded runs for intel processors in with unmodded runs potentially erodes that trust, given that we went a year without realising the issue already.

We would encourage people to run without the mod if possible, as it will result in your run being more futureproof from further potential changes in this area.

Also to help with the moderation team's management of this, we would request that people go back and edit their run submissions accordingly to add the modded variable where required. We will be doing a pass to verify and add to any missing runs we know about, but it's a years worth of times for us to sift through which will take some time to correct fully.

If you did not run with the FPSFix mod, you don't need to take any further action at the current time.

EDIT: corrected post to state variable instead of subcategory, as the issue around that has been resolved

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Tokyo, Japan

Japanese translation for the record:

  • PCの記録についてFPSFixの変数を追加(仕様上PS3などにも変数がついてしまうがPCのみ適用)
  • FPSFixを使う分には構わないが、デフォルトで非表示
  • CPUの種類で分けることは今のところ考えていない。CPUをちゃんと確認するのが無理なのと、デフォルトの状態から変わっているかが重要だから。でも提出時にCPUを書いておくと検証に役立つかも。
  • リーダーボードは信頼されるものでなければならない。1年の間この問題に気づかなかったのを考えると、IntelであれFPSFixありなしを混ぜておくのは信頼を損なう可能性がある。
  • (非表示なので当たり前だが)FPSFixなしで走るのを推奨する。将来またあるかもしれない変更に一番安心。
  • FPSFixの記録がある場合、過去の記録のFPSFixありなしを編集してほしい(デフォルトでNoになっている)
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