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3 years ago
United Kingdom

We will be allowing the FPSFix mod for PC runs, with the additional caveat that you must also show an FPS counter on stream to aid in the verification process. A guide will be provided in the near future to aid with setup if you wish to use the mod in your runs. The rules for using the mod are that the frame limiter/pacer may not be set above 60fps, and that no other modifications to the game binaries are allowed at the current time. (The rules on the game page will be adjusted soon)

At the same time, we would like to gauge opinion on enforcing the use of an FPS counter for all PC runs, not just ones performed with the mod. Again this is to aid in the verification process, as well as remove the need for us to necessarily track modded runs separately, and give more confidence in the legitimacy of the runs to anyone who cares to look for it. At current we would like to move forward with this after a small adjustment period to allow for people to find a counter that works for them. Again, a guide will be provided in the near future to aid with setup.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have a response to this forum post for ease of tracking the conversation. Alternatively please join the discord to discuss this - but we would prefer for people's final stances to be recorded somewhere for easier reference later.


On the rules I personally would change it to

That the frame limiter/pacer is set to use in game default.

As that is an option for the frame limiter in the config.

I would actually set it so that there's is a defined and agreed up on config file that is used across all runners so that everyone has the same settings with no issues (as impossible as that is to enforce)

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So the benefits of the mod would essentially be preventing FPS drops and ensuring a smoother performance throughout the run?

I'm certainly in favor of showing the FPS counter in all runs, assuming we'll have guides posted for setting up the mod, how to cap your FPS at 60FPS, and how to display your FPS at all times.

Devon, England

Yes, that would be involved as well as a download for the "community-standard" settings for the mod so you needn't change anything.

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