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3 years ago

There is a growing need for more mods on bear game, with the rising popularity of the game, and the increasing number of runs being submitted to the leaderboards. Not only this, but runs, like foiledthrice's 1:34.0 has been rejected, while my 1:32 has been accepted. Inconsistencies by moderators in bear game do not help and are not useful. I am active on the bear discord, which I strongly advise every mod of this game to be on, for reasons already mentioned by moodeuce. I am a bear veteran, and would like to become a mod to iron out discrepancies in the leaderboards, that show up regularly.

Ohio, USA

This is a wonderful idea. In addition to his above points, Tetris_Roo is the only person in the community who truly understands the intricacies of snaking, and would be the most qualified individual to sus out anybody trying to cheat on a water level with an unrealistic snake.

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Western Australia, Australia

Who tf are you exactly? They were mostly vacant categories and are not even good times that he put more than one attempt into. Other mods are capable of looking at his submissions and rejecting them afterwards if he has broken any rules or the times were in any way impressive enough to warrant this. He has not and they are not respectively.


He didn't "give himself WR in everything", he got those times.

Michigan, USA

Can I be demodded; thanks

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