Why is this game Supermodded by a no-show?
3 years ago
Texas, USA

The Bears community experienced a triumph last weekend: the successful completion of its first-ever major tournament, bridging a generational gap with a magical interview with its creator, Ed Magnin, and culminating in the crowning of its first World Champion, Tetris_Roo.

Where was FlashTheorie?

He hasn't joined the game's Discord server. He hasn't purchased any of the official tournament merchandise. He didn't respond to requests for him to play in, commentate, or even simply watch the World Championship. He hasn't even asked anyone how it went, after the fact.

Given the above, and given that he has provably approved runs without even looking at them, I can't help but wonder why this person still is the Supermod of this game.

I'm calling for FlashTheorie to do the right thing and to step down as Supermod of this game, so that those who actually care about it, its records, and its community can shepherd it through its new era of prominence in the overall speedrunning community.

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Ohio, USA

I 100% concur with the above sentiment. In addition, FlashTheorie himself has mentioned that he is a moderator for over 2 dozen other games, so he doesn't have time to respond to forum posts and run submissions for this one in a timely manner. Given that there is a large enough community around this game and there are other moderators to continue the work in his absence, there is no reason that FlashTheorie needs to be or should be a mod for this wonderful game any longer.

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Louisiana, USA

Do the right thing FlashTheorie. Step down.

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New Mexico, USA

I agree. FlashTheorie clearly doesn't realize that this massive community can't have a slacker as a supermod, especially one that verifies runs without even checking them. I guarantee that if I put bears in the thumbnail and title, I could get a completely random game on the leaderboard, assuming that the other mods don't get to it first. If you aren't going to do your job right, FlashTheorie, frankly, you should not be an SRC moderator at all.

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Michigan, USA

C'mon FlashTheorie. You've done too much harm to this sprouting community. Enough is enough.

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Western Australia, Australia

As a mod it is incredibly stressful having somebody just randomly and haphazardly approving cheated/invalid runs with no regard whatsoever for the established rules for submissions. If you don't even understand the rules to the game, haven't played the game for over 2 years and have absolutely no interest in engaging with the community, why on earth do you continue to moderate it?

The community universally rejects you and your continued involvement (which at this point only comprises approving runs you don't even watch first).

Do the right thing.


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why would this even be rejected, it breaks no rules

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Your wishes has been granted. Other moderators has become Super mods now. For the case of Tetris_Roo, he's been very insultant by private message, telling me suck dicks and stuff like that, I'm sorry but this is not an acceptable behavior either.


Flash you're missing the point. The thread is literally called 'WHY IS THIS GAME SUPERMODDED BY A NO-SHOW?'. You are a no show who hasn't submitted a run for years and you're not active in the community. Tell us 3 good reasons why you should deserve to still be a supermod because I can't list any.


Tell me a good reason why I deserve to be insulted and treated like shit by private message ? I don't care to be a supermod or not, I just don't like people coming and insulting me out of the public eyes, if you'd like, I screenshot everything and post it on this forum ? Give me a public apology and I will step down, I stopped playing a while ago indeed


You know flash, you're right- It's time I ate some humble pie and apologised for insulting you out of public eyes. I'm sorry

Ontario, Canada

Time to step down flashtheorie! cya little buddy

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Honestly I think it is for the best. We have an active discord community, a world championship, merch etc etc and flash has never been involved with any of it. Coupled with removing valid runs and things from the leaderboards and attempting to ban valued members of the community for no reason, he should probably remove himself.

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New Mexico, USA

Good riddance

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Western Australia, Australia

Only took about 16 months longer than it should have but good prevailed over evil in the end.

Virginia, USA

Who knew Berenstain Bears speedrunning would have drama.

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