Where Are The Mods?
5 years ago
New Mexico, USA

A while back, a runner named PMYA made a forum post regarding the lack of categories, so the current mod added him as a moderator. The problem is the other mod seems to have disappeared and then PMYA also disappeared, and PMYA stated that he won't be accepting runs until the current ones are re-timed in in-game time and the new categories were added. So now we have a mod that thinks the other mod will do all of that when that mod just vanished from the internet. Come on, mods. We just want to run our favorite bear game, and it's hard whenever we can't submit times on the leader boards. If you're going to add categories and use in-game time, please just do it already so we can run the game. If you aren't yet, just accept our times. This is a very popular game to run, so this is kind of sad that we can't keep track of the records, which are very busy with such a large community of players.

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Western Australia, Australia

The delay is literally killing the community. Bears is taking off right now, it was recently featured in a live tournament on twitch with over a 200 viewer average. Interest in the bears has since skyrocketed and will only continue to do so when the youtube video and hall of champions are updated to include everybody's favourite little bears. The addition of new accessible speedrun categories will help to ease the transition from it being an obscure and elite level speedrunning game requiring full level championship runs using additional software to time splits. The proposed changes to include in-game times and individual level splits/time trials will go a long way towards attracting new players and further growing Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears and its legitimacy within the speedrunning community.

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What categories would you like to see added ? I can make that happen.

Western Australia, Australia

It has been well over a year since I made that post. PMYA already added the new categories after becoming moderator.

In light of what has happened today I am starting to doubt you have the requisite credentials to fulfil your duties as moderator of this game. You approve runs with clear exploits and cheats you would be aware of if you kept up to date with the community. The bears community conducts the majority of its business of the associated discord server where these kinds of things are discussed in depth and you really need to actually be in the server at minimum to have any sort of connection to the community let alone leadership of it or ability to verify runs.

As you may or may not be aware, there is currently a World Championship being organised by vandweller that will take place on February 20 and you have not indicated any interest in this whatsoever. This is a huge milestone for this community and it's a little upsetting to say the least that you aren't wanting to get involved. The increased activity of late is all due to the upcoming World Championship which will bring increased scrutiny to this game on speedrun.com and maintaining the integrity of the leaderboard (as it is being used to verify qualifications for the World Championship) is paramount at this pivotal moment in Bears history.

I sincerely hope you will be making some effort in the near future to engage with the Bears community you have moderated over for several years but increasingly it seems errors are being made, you are taking for granted your position and several members of the community are starting to question your continued place within it.

Ohio, USA

Next response: before or after July 2021?

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