2 years ago
Louisiana, USA

Hello supermods and runners. Will there be an ESWTBBWC in 2022? How do I compete? I was hoping there could be a prize pool this year since last year's was such a good success. Keep up the good work!

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Western Australia, Australia

I have also been wondering this. The community has been growing at an unprecedented rate since the inception of ESWTBBWC in 2020. World records have been tumbling, not to mention the discovery of the absolutely jaw dropping snaking technique on water levels and other shortcuts in the lead-up to ESWTBBWC 2021.

An announcement for ESWTBBWC 2022 would reinvigorate the community and we're likely to see more records, more new discoveries. A potential tie-in with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in February? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Last year we had Ed Magnin grace us with his presence, maybe this year Tommy Tallarico could be on the cards? I've long wondered what his inspirations were for the unparalleled score he composed for this legendary game and it was surely foundational in what he went on to achieve later in his career. Having the master himself remix some of his own work for ESWTBBWC 2022 would make my dreams come true.

Go Bears!

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