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3 years ago

(copied from the Discord) I started the page just as a way to tell my friends that I was a WR holder, and I honestly didn't have an idea that the game was even known outside Mexico. Within some months my and my friend wonderwuzzle's records were already broken by Ryanism! As you maybe know I wasn't really committed to the page but every couple of months I would check it and see that the amount of runs was blowing up. It's up to 383 total runs by now and I never would've imagined that. I am so happy that something I created (or rather requested) has given strangers around the world a community, as small as it is. También me he dado cuenta de que varios de ustedes son latinoamericanos, así que les mando un fuerte abrazo en estos momentos tan complicados para todos nosotros, FUERZA. I'm glad that this game I used to play the shit out of as a kid has maybe given you all something to smile about and be proud of. Now that flash is dead, I guess things will be much slower for the speedrun page, and I want to apologize for not being present and only appearing so late, I never expected so many people to love this game as well. I am removing myself as SuperMod and am making Marko the new SuperMod along with Ryanism. This is your page and has always been, I'm merely the guy who requested it. Life is getting busy, so I thank you one last time for giving me something to be slightly proud of, for developing the speedrun page, and for obliterating my record to 23rd place. Muchas gracias <3 . -JPeppers900

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