I'm so proud of this community
5 years ago

Hello everyone, JPeppers900 here. As you may know, almost a year ago I started this page for Extreme Pamplona speedrunning as, at the time, the only speedrunner for the game. A year ago, I didn't think anyone would hop on, so I'm very glad to realize I'm now in 7th place! I want to thank you all, specially Ryanism and Cytruss, for taking care of this page, as small as it is. I know with you guys this game is in good hands, I'm very happy to be able to say I started a community you guys were able to build, and know it will continue to be so. I will continue to visit this page, even TRY to break that record, just because the growth of this game excites me so much.

Thank you all, stay extreme!

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