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Hello everyone, welcome to Extreme (Power) Pamplona. I am JPeppers900, the main (and so far only) mod for Extreme Pamplona, as well as the fastest (and so far only) EP speedrunner. Extreme Pamplona is a 2007 flash game developed as an ad by Rexona (or Sure) for their "Power" campaign. The game follows a man (possibly called Fermin) running away from various dangers like bulls, sexy women, and angry cops throughout the globe. An in-game timer makes shedding milliseconds an important factor, and the fast pace of the game can be played in three different categories. I hope this game grows, and hope to see more speedruns in the future.

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It is needed. You an use OBS, which is free. There are several tutorials on how to use it. If not, you can post a screenshot or send it to me, no problem

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New Zealand

Hey, I'm going to run this game soon. I am also interested in being a mod for this game.

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