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Emulator is allowed for all runs. This rule is subject to revision if emulator is discovered to be faster than console. Currently, Quest Mode is known to load more slowly on emulators.

Arcade Mode:

The in-game timer is used to rank runs. An IGT timing script is available for Livesplit for runners using ePSXe 1.9.25. Any in-game setting configuration is acceptable. Generally, runners run on Very Easy difficulty, single round with HP values set to 160, but this is not a requirement.

Quest Mode: Real time is used to rank runs. Timer should be started when Normal is selected, or in Hard's case: upon selecting character. Time stops on Normal when the Phoenix Feather is used on your fallen companion. Time stops on Hard after the fade to black upon defeating Phoenix.

Runners can choose to run either RTA or Single Segment.

RTA allows saving and reloading, as long as the file being reloaded was created after the run was started. This makes it easier to finish a run and is recommended for newer runners.

Single Segment does not allow saving and reloading.

All Bosses requires the following bosses to be killed:

Floor 01 - Mimic Floor 03 - Cyclops Floor 06 - Naga Raja Floor 09 - Wyvern Floor 12 - Ancient T-Rex Floor 18 - Minotaur Floor 21 - Guardian Dragon Floor 21 - Arc Dragon Floor 21 - Phoenix

Battle Beach:

The in-game timer is used to rank runs. Run all three sections of Battle Beach, then add together your in-game times to arrive at your submission time.

Battle Runner:

Timing starts when the word "Ready" appears on the screen. Timing stops when the word "Goal" appears on the screen. If you are unsure about your time, submit your estimated time, and the exact time can be verified using frame by frame video analysis by a mod.

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