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So iv been playing quest mode kinda strollin through it and trying things out. Tho I find my self not understanding the mechanics of the game since it does not really explain or teach much if it to the player. Can anyone explain how things work and the current tricks and or stuff that is used in runs as I'm still trying to gauge if I want to get into it, but would like some more information on it. Seems like there is hardly anything on the game and it's parts out there that explains much of anything mechanical etc.

Much appreciated.

Pennsylvania, USA

So Quest Mode runs are VASTLY different based on which category you are running. The most popular, and possibly the easiest to learn, is Hard Mode with Koji.

There are too many little things to put in a single post but I will outline some of the major stuff. We have a discord for Ehrgeiz and other Dream Factory games, and we'd be happy to get on voice and guide you through a run or answer questions that way. Here's the link:

The most important tip is to always hug the walls in every room. This prevents the shutter traps from triggering and locking you in. Only move off the walls to pick up items. We barely level up our character and don't want to waste precious resources fighting random enemies.

There are two pumpkin rooms, one of floor 5, and another on floor 12. These are full of the pumpkin food item, which gives a lot of stamina. We always look for these rooms, and cram our inventory full of pumpkins so we don't starve on our way down.

You want to pick up any potions you find on the way, and always have potions equipped to your satchel. Potions in your satchel will automatically be used if you take damage that reduces your HP to zero.

You can "guard break" by pressing L1 when you are guarding with R1, this stuns enemies. Use it to get away from difficult situations, but this uses up some of your Stamina. We also use guard breaks to knock enemies on the ground and jump over them by pressing L1, especially when you are trapped in a narrow hallway and need to escape.

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Pennsylvania, USA

You need to find a strong weapon, usually on floors 15 and later to be able to beat the final bosses. You can beat the final bosses by constantly guard breaking them and attacking.

Each floor has a "fairy fountain" that can heal you to full HP and restore your weapons durability.

Floor 16 and 17 have potion rooms that have 2 Hi Potions and 2 X Potions respectively.

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Ontario, Canada

Currently I've been looking a Normal any% runs and from what I've watched in multiple runs, hugging the walls definitely is the safest way to go from room to room. I find the game fairly interesting but also a bit frustrating due to how ridiculous the spawning mechanics work. I've noticed that when you do trigger a trap and the doors lock, it seems mobs will spawn on a timer unless all mobs in the room are cleared before the trigger reactivates and spawns new mobs. I'm not 100% sure on this but so far seem like this is the case. The problem with that is not every room has the same sudo timer and it varies.

Also it seems that damage calculation is also fairly unorthodox as well, In many cases some times I've noticed that when low damage is rolled it also seems to chew up weapon durability at twice or more the rate which seems odd.

I feel like there is still the possibility there is more unknowns to explore. I'd definitely like to talk more about the game, and even more so since before I thought there was next to no active people around the game.

I appreciate it.

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