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Bit late to the table on this one, but I am in favor of adding it as a misc category. I have a lot of friends who love Earthbound but don't have time to do full glitchless runs. Boogey to them gives a sense of accomplishment and there's nothing wrong in my opinion with adding another category to the misc drop-down. Clutter isn't really unmanageable ever in a drop-down menu so there's my counter argument there. As for abolishing SoK, I'm for it, the category is far to inaccessible, having a less than 1% chance to achieve that makes it very arbitrary, more arbitrary than Boogey I think. So arguments for from my perspective, it opens a new area for Earthbound fans who don't have a ton of time, it encourages new runners as a more surmountable goal, and it's already done commonly enough that authenticating it would seem par for the course.


After way too much discussion and deliberation, Boogey% is going up on the leaderboards. It'll be rolling out little by little as I have time to input these times since everything is manual.

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Can i enter in a Non SRL VOD? like when i was grinding the category?


If you have a video, yes.