Any% - Full route notes and manipulation using Onett skip and Winters cliff wiggles
Any% - notes
Any% - Route used by record as of 3/17/2020
Any% All Photos - notes
Any% Glitchless - Inventory Management
Any% Glitchless - Inventory Management Guide (Beginner/Intermediate)
Any% Glitchless - List of cutscenes/input breaks
Any% Glitchless - List of guides
Any% Glitchless - Onett manipulation walk and input maps
Any% Glitchless - Revised Glitchless notes
Any% Glitchless - Route Changes/Advanced Strats
Any% Glitchless - Skip Sandwich Guide
Any% Glitchless - Speedrun Beginners Guide by Backgroundguy02
Any% Glitchless - Video guide
Any% route guide as of 6/19/2021
Boogey% - Guide
Boogey% - Image Guide
Boogey% - Notes
General - Collection of Glitches for those interested
General - Earthbound RSO Guide
General - Homesickness curing methods
General - Level / Stats Growth by Floogal
General - Mother 2 Cheat Sheet for Non-Japanese Speakers
General - NG+ Guide Manip/Non Manip
General - Onett Cliff Skip Guide by Noland
Manipulation - Any% Glitchless Twoson Manip Alternative
Manipulation - General Guide/Starman Manip
Manipulation - Old Twoson Manip Guide
Manipulation - Onett RNG Manipulation guide/tips by uko
Mother 2 Any% Debug Menu - Debug Menu Guide (JP)
Pajama% - Tutorial