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Tyne and Wear, England

Hi all! I’ve been really interested in trying to get into running this game as I’ve been looking for a bit of a longer game to commit to! I currently only have experience running Shadowgate on NES so would like to have two games on the go, one longer one shorter.

The issue is I really where possible like to play on original hardware and the original releases of games.

I am wondering as a UK resident, is there any way to achieve this? Was there a PAL release and what is feasibly the way I can play the oldest and most original form of this game.

Hope I can get a good solution on original hardware as I’d love to get involved!!


Arizona, USA

Earthbound was never released in PAL, and I think trying to make it work on a PAL snes will trigger the anti-pirate functionality.

You'll also have to keep in mind this games market rate is around 350 USD.

Now you could do something like use an sd2snes, but you'd require doing region patches to not trigger anti-cheat.

With the cost of getting the game, an NTSC console, and 60hz monitor/etc to support the game safely (varying hardware voltages etc) it may just be worth accepting defeat on this one and using that investment for a Mister FPGA if money isn't of any concern.

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Newfoundland, Canada

Yeah, Earthbound is a very expensive game so unless money is no factor, I wouldn't suggest it. A cheaper option than NTSC console + game, or even a Mister, would be a SNES Classic. Software emulation (as opposed to hardware for a Mister) but it would get the job done.

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British Columbia, Canada
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Tyne and Wear, England

Thanks a lot for all the input everyone, I guess playing with original hardware and software seems out of the question.

Still going to jump into running the game and will just find the next best thing! Thanks all!


Switch NSO is best bet outside emulator/compatible consoles. you can buy EU console and get NA account with it and buy.

I've done same way with my JP console and works perfectly.

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