Can we make a 1/128 Run a thing?
5 years ago
Florida, USA

Most people who've been around the Earthbound forms already know the 1/128 challenge where there are 25 enemies in the game that have a 1/128 chance of dropping a certain item. I thought this would be a fun run to add to the miscellaneous category since people already challenge themselves to get the items, but never really in a speed run of consecutive format. I'd be glad to be the first guinea pig to see if such a run is even possible, but I wanted to see if it would be considered as a category first.

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Massachusetts, USA

Zimmy has done a couple "100%" runs where he gets all the 1/128 items. I'm fairly certain Falex has also done an all 1/128 items run before.

New Brunswick, Canada

I think if it was a glitched/manip allowed category it could make for an interesting run, kinda like photo %. Would be a huge task pathing and creating some of those manips...I say that but someone would probably have it done in a week lol

Texas, USA

Hi I have Wr. 11:25:29

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