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Are there official rules for each of the runs, particularly for Any% Glitchless? They don't seem to be under resources or guides.


A baseline rule for everything is if you are going to do emu runs follow SRL policies (most use snes9x 1.53), so no zsnes or 9x 1.4x.

For glitchless: Single segment, so once you start the run no resets. If you die and reload a save thats fine, but the console/emu can never be reset. This is for rng/ram values since they only reset on a hard reset of the console. Other than that, naturally no use of glitches. Trigger skips (such as the invisible man in Moonside and Monotolli dialogue) are fine since they are considered an exploit rather than a glitch. Nothing is loaded into the game that would constitute glitching out the code, but they do come with a risk as screwing them up DOES lead to run ending glitches.

Also, I'm 100% fine with resets/mess ups for someones first run or two. Particularly if the run is over 5-6 hours and someone is just posting a time, but maybe had a hardware error etc. But if you start getting into the more competitive time zones below 5 hours, if your stuff resets, it's time to restart the timer. I have a controller I'm constantly in fear of disconnecting, and even if I'm on pb pace at Giygas and it screws up, it's run over.

For any%: Any glitch is allowed with the exception of accessing the debug menu. Hard resets allowed (and required for top tier times, unless you are a robit).

Photo%: Glitches and resets allowed, no debug menu. Must obtain all photos in the game in addition to defeating Giygas. Timing stops when you talk to mom post Giygas(Right?).

Any% No OoB: Glitches and can be used but no resets. Can not use the debug menu or stairs glitch to go out of bounds.

Timing for all routes except photo% go from "yep" at the start to the beginning of the final prayer on Giygas.

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