RNG Question regarding Switch VC Suspend/Rewind menu
1 year ago

Hey, super new to this. I'm trying out the Any% All Photos run and had questions with the RNG.

In regards to the Switch Version, does rewinding with the Suspend menu rewind the games RNG as well?

I was wondering if this was a good start to practice muscle memory for rng manips and moving throughout the game of if I should use another method, any thoughts?

New South Wales, Australia

i dont think you’ll be allowed to use rewind in a full verified run and i’m not sure about the suspend menu, ask a moderator about it and see what they say. With the RNG, it would most likely reset the rng but again, I’m not entirely sure about it.

British Columbia, Canada

The question was about practice, not verified runs, so no issue there. The Switch's suspend menu should work fine for practicing RNG manip, given that it's essentially an emulator save state. I've found even save states on a flash cart on real hardware, as glitchy as that can be, maintains the RAM values for RNG.

Apologies that this forum is a bit inactive. The Discord is very responsive if you have more questions. Hope you enjoy Photo%!