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I'm just very nosy. What is best time in Afternoon Collection on DuckTales?

Ps4: axelblaze13 (7:21)
Xbox: ?
PC: ?


Probably around 7:10 if Endy ever decides to wreck them. Hehe


As far as I can tell on the LB it is:

PS4: axelblaze13 (7:21)
PC: Kasanezumi (7:49)
XBOX: None Submitted yet


I think he means the actual leaderboards for each platform. On PC endy got a 7:11 iirc, or a 7:15, something like that. With AC timing, which is different.


Yeah that's what i mean. 🙂


Hello, new runner here looking to run via Afternoon Collection. (I'm aware this version is its own category) I was just wondering: What exactly makes this version slower? Is it simply clock speed differences? If so, how much time does it lose total?


it's not slower, it's just less people run it. Timing is different because the internal timer starts when the game begins, also we're not sure the lag is accurately emulated. That's why they're separated.

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Well one day played Time Attack and almost got PB, but i failed chest grab. I got off the rope too early and fell down. Another case was that the last blow to the Dracula Duck came too late and I lost about a second of my time. Yeah, and originally I thought that in the Afternoon collection version, you can't get 481 time on Amazon just as you climb up for the first time. Now, however, it has happened, but it is very difficult to implement. The biggest problem with the Afternoon collection is just when the time starts. Quick difficulty selection and moon level selection are not always successful and you have to start over. Frustrating and annoying especially after many failures.

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