Stage order difference??
5 months ago

So 2 things :)

I know runs start with Moon, and then either Amazon or Transylvania, But recently on stream I have been running with just the natural stage order, to avoid the reset heavy Moon skip that can happen.

  1. Is there a disadvantage to this, as in it is slower naturally or do people do moon first for that reason only, how reset heavy it can be??

  2. In playing in the natural stage order, I honestly feel Magicka's (Magi-Runkiller-RNG-icka) RNG has been MUCH kinder, has anyone looked into that?

Appreciate any answers!

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Yooo Deadguy, you legend.

The main reason people put Moon first, then Transylvania is RNG. You need to get the Moon Skip and fairly quickly to have a chance at a good run. Since the timer does not start until you select your first stage, it makes sense to deal with the heavy RNG first instead of having it kill runs at the end. Magica is the same: if she decides to go top route, hitting her is really tough and it will normally result in time-loss versus an optimal Magica. Once you have a good Magica in your PB, it's easy to lose time there. It makes the most sense to put the heaviest RNG upfront rather than at the end.

With that said, you can run any order you like. RNG is RNG after all, and you could get some good paces running the stages in the order they're set in.


Got my 7:28, putting this to bed for a while haha

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