Copyrighted Audio?
3 months ago
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Hey guys! So I have started to speedrun this game a bit on my Twitch channel. I've been slowly working my time down and I am around that point where I am comfortable uploading a decent (ish) time.

After I ended my last stream, I noticed that I had a message about "copyrighted audio" and muting my VOD, which happens here and there as I play music every once in a while on other streams. But then it hit me that it shouldn't have muted anything on this particular stream. Long story short, I went into the claims and it seems that Capcom is what is flagging the muted audio for the levels African Mines, The Amazon, and The Moon. The muting is sporadic and only happens a few times and in a few spots. Of course, as luck would have it, the audio is muted during a portion of my current PB.

To my question: has anyone else experienced this? And if this is a known issue, will the mods be okay with muted portions of a submitted run? I've never had actual game music muted before, to my knowledge, so it seems really strange.

I can offer screenshots of the copyrighted notifications and links to my recent VODS if needed for proof, but mainly I'm just wondering what is going on here and how this may affect future attempts.

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All my DuckTales streams are muted. It’s definitely a thing. The game video only for verification is perfectly fine. Getting parts of streams muted for DT audio has been happening as long as I’ve been running it.

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Virginia, USA

That is definitely a thing. I think I used to record it and just post it on youtube but I am sure the Mods understands.

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Idaho, USA

Thank you for the quick responses! I just wanted to make sure everything was up to standards. :)


This have happened to me too, but strangely only with the Moon Theme. And it's not being flagged and muted on every stream/vod..

Maybe try to lower the game audio or something?

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Yeah it's a thing that exists.

It's stupid, but best solution is to mute audio.

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I always locally record my runs and upload them to YouTube unlisted. In comes in handy with DT as they have never been muted that way.

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