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Before watching JKloser run ducktales 8 million dollars for big 20 practice, I was convinced that pacifist was impossible. Mainly for the enemies you have to hit in transylvania and bounce on enemy's in the African mines to get to the end. And then I found out, he gets to the TOP of the level in transylvania so I was like, "wait, can you do this pacifist?" And sure enough you can! And for the African mines, I found out you can also do it pacifist by taking the lower route before going to the ducks you have to bounce on. So both of those stages are now solved and possible to do pacifist. At the end I hit an enemy to bounce on the boss in the refight for transylvania, but since that's in the boss fight, i feel like that shouldn't void the term "pacifist. So I was wondering if we could make a category for pacifist. Here's the proof and route I made for the potential category btw:

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There’s been a pacifist run for quite a long time. You’re welcome to submit your run to that category. The current record time is 8:03 by EndySWE.

If you’re interested, there are also good and bad ending categories. The bad ending category I put a lot of routing time into, specifically.

I love to see new names on those leaderboards.

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XD I didn't see that lol

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It’s no problem at all! The categories can be a bit disorienting.

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