If pacifist category is included.....Why not a damageless one as well?

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I think about 1-2 years ago people might have been on board to get a category like that going. Lately, there are not many Ducktales runners, so I doubt a meme category would gain much attention.

With making most new categories though, run it, see if you can get others to run it. If it catches on, there is really no reason it wouldn't be added. But I don't know if the mods would add it just for one runner with interest in it.

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That's a fair point. If one were to optimize a damageless run, you might be able to convince them to add it to the miscellaneous categories.

They just want to keep a clean leaderboard that doesn't have a bunch of ridiculous inoptimized categories.

For some examples: They discussed at one point getting rid of the "normal" difficulty category since there are no realistic differences from the "difficult" category. I routed easy and difficult "pacifist" runs and they gave me the option to choose between the two, and I went with easy since it's faster.

The other miscellaneous categories provide gameplay and/or tricks that you would not otherwise see, and I spent a lot of time making sure the routes were reasonably optimized in order to legitimize the categories.

So, I would say that if a category does not offer some sort of addition that doesn't exist within the other categories, besides the goal being different, you might have trouble getting them to add it.

With that being said, going ahead and routing it is both fun and rewarding. You never know whether or not it will gain steam.


The run that I have submitted is damageless. Because of this, I had to complete the whole moon stage hence having a longer run. If the tab is added, I can shove it over to that category and maybe it could spark some interest. Hoping one of the mods reads this and considers

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Although it's an interesting challenge run, it wouldn't make sense in a speedrun contest. You can request a ducktales category extension if you want.

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