So, where do I start ?
9 months ago
Auvergne, France

Hi guys ! Poorly speedrunning my 2010's crushes is my thing these days, and I'd like to give a try on some Don't Starve and RoG categories. So... well, I read this forum, and learned about the Don't starve situation.

That's a nonsense to me. I mean, A BUNCH of people like you and me are Klei Entertainement lovers. Their games may not be the most obvious choice for a speedrun attempt, but these leaderboards definitely should gather more people. Anyways, I'd like to join.

So, first thing first. Assuming I'm a decent casual player who already saw Joeshmocoolstuff, Helicalpuma and all the crowd, what do I need to learn before trying a speedrun ? Any tips, tools, something ? Thanks in advance.

Also, something about categories feels... odd. I think this game may have more fun ways of speedrunning it. I'd like to talk about that with fellows DS fans.

Greetings to you all. If anything, I love your taste in video games

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Hey there @Gonnar, welcome to the boards, always love to see more people taking interest in it after what happened, if you'd like to talk to the community I heavily recommend you join the discord server since that's where everybody talks:

In regards to the categories I do think there's potentially more fun categories than just the ones here but I won't add new categories if runs don't exist for them, so if you're interested in creating new categories it's best you just run them first even if they don't exist and if other runners are interested then we can add them to the leaderboards for real

As for speedrun resources, sadly there basically aren't any because of how small this game is and the troubled history it's had, so the discord server I mentioned should be your best bet since most of the seasoned runners are there, hope to see you around

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Auvergne, France

@Guille6785 thanks ! Unfortunately my connexion is too weak for using Discord rn, but I'll remember the invitation :)

About categories : it seems like Vanakyria's Woodie strat can't be beaten on any run involving an enemy spawn at a certain IG time ; which is actually an issue if we want more runners to try, for it's not fun to do and doesn't give much room for optimization.

Making "no Woodie%" categories could fix that, as they would involve more ressource management ; you would need to sleep as much as possible without starving, while finding a way to kill bosses fastly instead of just, you know, gnawing them to death.

Another solution could be to rethink the objectives. Waiting a literal hour for one Deerclops fight, or destroying every single tree until you get a treeguard, is boring, because you don't really play the game as you do that. Why not make more proactive runs around crafting ? Like, getting every tier 2 magic and/or ancient items asap would be way more challenging. I'll try to work around this idea, and come back if I find anything interesting to share. Good day to you all

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As I mentioned, I wasn't responsible for the categories that we currently have, the purpose of the leaderboards is to act as an archive of runs so if you have any ideas for categories you should do a few runs first

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