In the Blammer speedrun, is telekinesis skips allowed?
3 years ago

At the start of the game, there is 2 places that allow to skip a bit using telekinesis: The windows into Menelag study can be interacted with telekinesis from a distance (though, it only save a few seconds) and the crystal can be taken from a distance without needing to release the prisoners (I never knew if it was intentional or not, since it seems logical that you can take object from afar with telekinesis). There may be later skip possible with telekinesis after that but I don't know.

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negative good sir. here's a part of the category rules:

The only offensive weapon you may use is the blacksmith hammer. No swords, daggers, staffs, spells, hooks, scrolls, axes or bows, with exception of the rope bow. Otherwise, all other item are allowed, shields, potions, armor, rings, etc.

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Correction. Bhammer rules have been revised. Read to full understand.

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Good morning Dmommers,

we have decided to allow scripts for saving and loading saves, as well as for save deletion.

We have also split the Any% category into two leaderboards, one for Inbounds (good) and one for Out of Bounds (for losers)

That's it.

Best regards Fnzzy

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