Bhopping help
3 years ago
Corpus Christi, TX, USA

So i just got the game and really feel like speed running it but looking at the tutorial in the guides section by cropax it requires bhopping but with no bhopping tutorial, I've look up and down for a detailed guide but nothing that helps and also tried referring to other source engine games with bhop

I think a guide on it with an input capture would make figuring out the whole thing a lot easier

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Hello! Just published a new tutorial that should explain everything you are asking about!


I suggest you jump on the discord channel, plenty of people gonna help there faster than through forums

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Good morning Dmommers,

we have decided to allow scripts for saving and loading saves, as well as for save deletion.

We have also split the Any% category into two leaderboards, one for Inbounds (good) and one for Out of Bounds (for losers)

That's it.

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