Kicking Only SR?
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Been practicing getting through the game only by kicking, wondering if there would ever be an opportunity for that as an option

Virginia, USA

could be cool. i don't think the mods will make it an official category unless it gets a lot of people playing it, but i'd love to see what your run looks like.

United States

A kick only speedrun would have to have other restrictions because you can easily and quickly finish the game with killing no enemies. It would be the Any% route with one exception, that's all.

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Category Split

Good morning Dmommers,

we have decided to allow scripts for saving and loading saves, as well as for save deletion.

We have also split the Any% category into two leaderboards, one for Inbounds (good) and one for Out of Bounds (for losers)

That's it.

Best regards Fnzzy

1 year ago
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