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Can I upload my highly segmented 48 part Let's Play as a 101% speedrun? I know IGT isn't accurate but my time is really bad so PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE. Here's a playlist:

I tried to go fast.....


Sorry, the rule is clear:
• RTA timing MUST be used, NOT the in-game time! The run must be done in one sitting

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This is a 100% fair conclusion.

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It's part of the category rules; I'm not sure what exactly you expected people to tell you other than "this is very explicitly disallowed in all situations."

That being said, NOT being on the leaderboards here isn't the end of the world. This is specifically intended to catalog the fastest RTA runs completed of various categories, so I'd suggest you try to concern yourself more with the fact that you managed to find everything in the game without a walkthrough, which is impressive enough on its own.

If you're ever interested in learning how to run any of the various DK64 categories, including 101%, there's extremely thorough documentation at this Google docs link:

-- just keep in mind that any of the categories with leaderboards on this website require RTA timing to be used.

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Dude I have a time on the NLE board. This post was like 99% meme anyways. If I really care about being on the boards I'll do a 101% run, probably get like 10 hours, then cry myself to sleep.