Any% Routes, Tutorials and Resources

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Any% 5-kong
Unlocks all 5 kongs organically to allow them to buy the necessary moves to beat the game. Uses FWG but not MMM. The tutorial & starter guides cover the ‘warps’ routes. Recommended for beginners
Warps Routes (Easier): N64 VC
Warpless Routes (Harder): N64
Starter Guide: N64 VC
Example Runs: N64 VC

Tutorials: Video Tutorial by 2dos Outdated Video Tutorial by Cfox

Any% 1-kong
Only unlocks DK and the fastest way to beat the game. Uses telegrabbing to get into Helm early, and MMM to acquire the moves required to beat the game. 2015 route is a lot harder than 2014 route.
Note: If you do 2015 Route, looking at the ‘2015 MMM Details’ doc is VERY IMPORTANT!
Helm before ISG (2014 Route): N64 and VC
Helm during ISG (2015 Route): N64 and VC
2015 MMM Details Doc: N64 and VC
2014 Route guide: N64 and VC
Example Runs: 2014 Route 2015 Route