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N64 VS Wii U VC
North Dakota, USA

Which is faster, the N64 version or the Wii U VC version?

Wisconsin, USA

If you want to do Any% or Bingo, N64 NSTC-U is the best version.

If you want to do No Levels Early or 101%, Wii U VC NSTC-U is the best version.

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United States

Wii U VC is still fastest for every category, but extremely difficult for some like Any%

North Dakota, USA

why so difficult?

Texas, USA

Because there isn't enough lag to do most of the orange clips that are used in runs. For most situations, we have alternatives. However, with Any%, they can be harder than the N64 lag-based equivalent.

For example: You normally use lag to enter Angry Aztec Lobby early, however, you cannot really do this on VC. So on VC, we swim through shores whilst DK is at a certain rotation and damage skew on a beaver. Another example is Factory Early to skip the B-Locker. Both with DK and Lanky, you use Orange assistance on N64 to make it easier. However, on VC, with both, you have to do the orangeless method which is more difficult than with Orange Lag. Most notably when trying to perform DK Factory Early

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